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Having a swimming pool in Florida is an essential part of everyday living for many homeowners. Not only does it take substantial time and effort it takes to properly balance the chemistry levels in a pool, but it also requires a trained eye and careful attention to detail and experience to detect the early signs of an improperly functioning pool environment. If you live in Southwest Florida, we’re your go-to team for pool service. With over 12 years of experience, you can rely on our expertise to take the best care of your pool.

Benefits: Save time while keeping your summer investment in pristine condition while increasing the lifespan of your pool with a monthly or weekly pool service, cleaning, and chemical balance from Swim Quest Pool Service. Experience all the benefits of having a pool without the hard work of keeping it crystal clear. Reasons to hire our professionals to balance the chemicals in your pool water include:

  • Avoid the difficulty of constantly working to achieve the ideal pool chemistry and balance
  • Detect potential and often costly problems early saving money
  • Ensure clean, clear and healthy pool water is always maintained
  • Avoid algae and other harmful contaminants
  • Keep your pool equipment including pumps, filters, and pool surfaces well maintained extending their life
  • Avoid the need to buy and store hazardous and pricey chemicals such as chlorine, calcium, pool shock and pH balancers 

Algae Removal & Green Pool Cleaning Services

Why Does a Pool Turn Green?  A chemical imbalance in pool water allows algae to grow and thrive, quickly turning a pool’s water color green. As long as there is adequate chlorine in your pool, algae and other microorganisms will have difficulty growing, but with the constant high temperatures and heavy rains we experience in Florida maintaining the proper chlorine levels can be challenging allowing algae to grow. Periodic shocking of your pool with chlorine is an essential treatment to avoid the potential for algae buildup combined by careful balancing of other chemicals important to maintain a healthy pool.

In Southwest Florida, the extremely hot and humid months don’t seem to end and unfortunately, that’s the type of climate algae blooms will thrive in best. It takes millions of these microscopic organisms to accumulate before you begin to realize you’ve got an algae problem in your pool. Yellow algae is even harder to deal with than green pool water, which is why you should call the expert pool techs at Swim Quest Pool Service.

The Health Risks! Some algae is very hard to spot making it even more important to hire a professional pool technician to properly assess, remove, and restore your pool back to its healthy crystal-clear blue water you’re used to. A green swimming pool may seem like a simple annoyance, but it’s actually a health hazard and the contaminated pool water should be immediately cleaned and treated, as blue-green algae, commonly known as black algae, can contain E. Coli causing humans or pets to become sick.

Saltwater Pool cleaning & Maintenance

The easiest way to keep your saltwater pool clean and healthy is to let the salt water pool experts at Swim Quest Pool Service do the work for you. Our skilled pool technicians will ensure your salt system chlorine generator is free from damaging mineral deposits that can form and build up on the inside of your salt cell allowing your system to perform optimally and at it’s full capacity. As your pool conditions change throughout the year, our expert pool technicians will adjust the salt content as needed to maintain the perfect balance.

  • Salt Water Pool Cleaning & Service
  • Troubleshooting of Salt Water Related Issues
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Salt Water Pool Equipment Service, Repair & Installations

Pool Draining Services

Why you should periodically drain your pool.  Of course we all want our swimming pool to look great with beautiful clear and clean water, but maintaining a healthy swimming environment from chemical build-up, underwater stains, pool surface repairs or removing waste from your pool all require a swimming pool drain and refill. Here’s a list of a few of the reasons to call the team at Swim Quest Pool Services to drain your pool;

  • Over 3 years since you last drained your pool
  • For a complete cleaning of your pool bottom
  • High Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Seasonal Opening – start fresh
  • Clean, Clear Water Replacement
  • Pool Restart for a dirty pool at abandoned/foreclosed home 
  • Cure for difficulty balancing of pool chemicals
  • Swimming Pool Repairs
  • Green Pool Service
  • Acid Wash Treatment
  • Chlorine Bath Treatment

Pool Tile Cleaning

Why clean your pool tiles? So they last longer!

Proper cleaning of pool tiles and grout on a regular basis helps to prevent your tiles from cracking or becoming permanently discolored or stained and grout from prematurely degrading. Swim Quest Pool Service considers your pool as an investment that should be maintained properly so that it doesn’t lose its value over time. Be sure to call us for a free price quote if you experience the following issues on your tile or grout:

  • Lime (limescale), calcium, or hard water build-up
  • Algae growth on tile or grout
  • Filmy white or grey residue covering tiles
  • Black mold on pool tiles or grout

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Swimming Pool Acid Washing

Our acid washing services consist of completely draining your pool or spa, followed by a thorough scrubbing of the interior walls and tile, after which a concentrated muriatic acid wash is applied removing the top layer of the plaster surface, similar to the chemical peel procedures dermatologists apply to skin. The acid washing process restores the beauty and luster of your pool or spa by removing calcium deposits, algae blooms and even more difficult stains, like black algae, which can seep deep into plaster.

Acid washing is an ideal option for homeowners who no matter which chemicals they use or how much scrubbing they do, still can’t get their pool or spa to look clean and stain free. Call Swim Quest Pool Service today to schedule an acid washing and pool plaster cleaning service to:

  • Remove Persistent Algae Growth
  • Remove Calcium Deposits
  • Remove Dingy Water Stains
  • Remove Stubborn Stains (Black Algae blooms)
  • Restore Brightness and Achieve an Ultra Clean Look

Chlorine Cleaning Services

Southwest Florida homeowners who notice their pool stairs and the walls and bottom of their pool becoming dangerously slippery with a slick coating of algae are in immediate need of our chlorine cleaning services, as leaving algae too long on the surface of your pool or spa can stain.

Unlike the more harsh acid washing process, which removes a layer of plaster from the inside of your pool, a chlorine bath is a more gentle cleaning method that can be performed more regularly as a preventative maintenance. Contact Swim Quest Pool Service to ask about a chlorine bath to;

  • To make sure the pool water is safe and healthy after buying a new home
  • To remove algae on the ladder, stairs, crevices, or interior of your pool
  • Fix a chemical imbalance due to poor or improper maintenance
  • To clean and clear green, yellow, brown or dirty looking pool water
  • Brighten and freshen up the look of your pool or spa

After performing a professional chlorine bath, it could be several years before another treatment is needed with proper pool maintenance services.

Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning

Most pool filters keep your pool and spa water safe and healthy by maintaining the pH balance. All pool filters, from cartridge, to DE and sand filters  work by removing oils, dirt and debris as your pool water flows through and the pool specialists at Swim Quest Pool Service have expertise cleaning and servicing any filtration systems. 

To properly maintain your pool, the filter should be cleaned regularly and it’s critically important the filter be removed and replaced precisely as the entire pump system for your pool can be damaged by improperly installing or cleaning your filter. Our professional pool filter cleaning services:

  • Improve Performance & Increase Efficiency
  • Extend the Life of Your Pool Pump & Filtration System
  • Reduce Stress on Your Entire Pool System & Equipment
  • Keep Your Pool & Spa Water Crystal Clear Maintaining a Clean & Healthy Environment 

Pool & Spa Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

The experienced pool technicians at Swim Quest Pool Service are able to service and repair most pool equipment brands helping  small issues from causing significant damage requiring costly repairs. Our pool equipment repair and maintenance services include;

  • Pool Pump & Motor Repair & Replacement
  • Valve Service, Repair & Replacement
  • Filter Cleaning & Replacement
  • Pool Plumbing Repair
  • Expert Diagnostic of Equipment or Plumbing Leaks
  • Electronic Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement 
  • Troubleshooting, Repair & Replacement of Pool Automation Systems

Starting a maintenance program with Swim Quest Pool Service is one of the best decisions a pool owner can make to ensure their pool is always clean, healthy and ready to enjoy.  Routine maintenance allows our expert pool technicians to detect and find and prevent issues before they turn into costly repairs so call us today to learn more about our affordable maintenance programs to keep your pool sparkling clean year round! 
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We strive to maintain a continuous track record of excellent service by developing long standing relationships with our valued clients. We always try and ensure the same technician care for your pool weekly so a familiarity with the unique aspects of your pool system and conditions is developed helping to optimize your pool service and keep your pool perfectly maintained.

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